How to get the most out of #DegenStuff?

Yo, give the mic to MoniTalks. In our chat, we often see that not all of our readers understand why we are talking about this or that news in the digest. To stop a series of s̶i̶l̶l̶y̶ these questions, let’s give you a small guide, and you’ll figure it out, okay? Don’t worry about the terms, at the bottom of the post we made a vocabulary. Soon we will release a big glossary, in which we will put the entire Degen (oops, again a term!) And in general the crypto dialect. Well, good. Come on, let’s go!

And then the degene burst out …

Conventionally, all news in our #DegenStuff rubric can be divided into types:

– IDO / Listings;

– Presale / Public Sale and other Sales;

– Whitelists;

– Airdrops and drops;

– Twitter threads, vids;

– Partnerships and project news;

– Other.

Everything is clear with ido and pre-sales. Here is a project, you can throw money into it. The same is with listings — here is a coin, it will appear on a conditional Uniswap, you can pick it up. We made a guide about whitelists. You can get smart thoughts and / or learn about new projects from vids and twitter threads. But what about the rest?!

Let’s figure it out, #Moni Maker. Let’s start with drops and airdrops. We often write about airdrops in the past tense. That is, a certain project has already given out money to early adopters. So why do you need this information? There are two ways:

  • This project can do the airdrop again. As, for example, guys from 1inch did;
  • This project spends a lot (or not so much) money on its promotion, which means that it is worth starting to follow it more actively.

The second point can be applied to project news as well. For example, conditional Hacken has partnered with Solana. This means that the project is developing and begins to contact other cool projects. It is logical that you should take a closer look at his movements, subscribe to social networks, monitor it coins, and so on.

Another example: Project SAKΞ will be the first on SushiSwap’s Miso Launchpad. It would seem, that these guys can’t even make good names for the projects. But no! This news should make you think that it is worth subscribing to the SAKΞ project, researching it, maybe buy its NFT, or maybe not — it’s up to you to decide.

No news gets into the digest just like that. The SpaceMind research group brings us a bunch of gems, from which we are selecting the tastiest. We think this is a reason to subscribe to our channel and re-read all the digests, maybe you missed something? …

We hope it was interesting and understandable. Come to our chat, suggest ideas for new guides! We are waiting for you, oh great #Moni Maker!

Crypto master’s vocabulary:

Degen is a person who understands DeFi and other offshoots of cryptocurrency and sometimes invests in projects without looking at metrics or fundamentals. But it is based only on what cool logo the project has or on the meme :)

Gem is a very cool project, news, and so on;

IDO — Initial DEX Offering or Initial DEX Offer;

Airdrop, drop — helicopter money from the project for the community;

Twitter thread — multiple tweets from the same author on the same topic;

Listing — adding a token to the exchange;

Launchpad is where projects start, sell their coins, and get marketing reach.

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Moni 👾

Moni 👾

Future is now, don’t miss out! Join our waitlist and get the app first →! Let’s outplay the market together! 💪

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